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Did you know that even if you win your criminal case, your arrest shows up on your permanent record and background checks?

The only way to remove this arrest is to complete the court process known as an Expungement (or Sealing.) What does this mean to you? In order to clear your name, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the State Attorney, and ultimately a Judge must approve your application. That is where we come in! With over 20 years of experience, Attorneys Guy Fronstin, Michelle Merson and the Expungement Clinic will clean up your record. Don’t let your mistake haunt you for the rest of your life.


Is it really important to expunge my record?

Absolutely. Even if you won your case, applications may ask if you have ever been arrested. You must answer YES. This means you could have a hard time getting a job, renting an apartment, or obtaining a loan. There are also many other problems you could encounter when you disclose this arrest. However, The Expungement Clinic can fix this. After we expunge (or seal) your record, you can legally answer NO on these applications.


Are you eligible for an expungement?

Only one Florida case can be sealed on expunged in a lifetime. Certain offenses cannot be sealed or expunged. You are ineligible to seal or expunge if you have been adjudicated guilty of a crime in the state of Florida. Contact us today and let The Expungement Clinic determine your eligibility!


Why do I need an experienced criminal attorney?

The law allows you one chance in a lifetime to expunge or seal a criminal arrest. The process is extremely complicated and involves obtaining approval from the State Attorney, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and a Judge. With a process that involves so many steps, mistakes can occur. Therefore, hiring Attorneys who have a track record of successfully expunging criminal records, and who are familiar with the expungement process maximizes your chances of expunging your record. Make the right choice; choose The Expungement Clinic to erase your record.

In the words of our clients

Getting arrested was the worst day of my life. I am 22 years old and thought my future was over. I called several attorneys and they all rushed me off the phone and just wanted to know if I coujd pay their fee. Michelle was different. She listened for a long time and was incredibly knowledgeable about the options i would most likely have. When i was in the courtroom with Michelle it was evident her peers liked and respected her. The judge knew Michelle and it was clear they had a good professional relationship. I was ultimately offered a diversion program and the charges will be dropped once I am done. I would never want to go through this again but Michelle made a bad situation as easy as was possible.


Her caring, compassion and understanding were exactly what my friend needed to get her through this difficult situation. Thankfully, Ms. Merson was able to get the charges dropped and was even able to expunge the record so that there wasn't even a record of her arrest at all! Gone completely!! Now she doesn't have to worry about leasing an apartment or applying for a job. Ms. Merson worked miracles and we were so thankful to have heard about her.


Michelle worked to defend my son in a DUI case. Prior to this, my son had no offenses and was a hard-working college student. She worked to get his charge reduced to reckless driving and have him placed in the diversion program. Her efforts kept the DUI off his record and avoided any ramifications it may have had on his future.


Michelle was there from the beginning to the end and got me the result I believe no other lawyer could. All I had to do is sit back and her firm did all the work. There was zero stress on my part and again the end result was exactly what I wanted.


I hired Michelle in 2014 to help me with an offense that would have potentially derailed my path toward being an educator. She was avid, professional, and zealous with her handling of my situation. My case was downgraded to an adjudication withheld, and she also helped me expunge the incident off my record. I would recommend her to everyone in need of legal console.


Michelle guide me thru a very DIFFICULT situation. One that could put me in jail and damage my reputation. She went the extra mile for me, way beyond what a typical attorney would do, to insure I would avoid the embarrassment and hardship of what i could be facing. I am happy to report, not only did I avoid incarceration, but she was able to have my record expunged as well. EXCELLENT ATTORNEY!


Michelle provided expert criminal defense to my son. My son is currently in college and we were concerned that this arrest would have an impact on his graduate school applications and his future employment opportunities.. Michelle listened to our concerns and helped us through this difficult situation. Michelle did a great job for my son and we were are now able to try and have his record expunged.


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