Why should you expunge your record?

Because once you expunge your record, you can legally answer “No” under oath or on any application when asked if you have ever been arrested.

Why should I care if my arrest shows up on my record?

  1. Your friends, neighbors, or even potential dates may see your record online. Online sites may not erase your mug shot and / or arrest unless your record is expunged.
  2. Are you a doctor, nurse, lawyer, realtor, stockbroker or do you work in any other regulated profession? If so, the State will notify the regulating agency unless you have your record expunged. (Occupational License applications may be delayed or denied if you have ever been arrested.)
  3. Getting into college is extremely competitive. Don’t let your arrest hurt your chances of getting into your dream college.
  4. Are you applying for a job? Most job applications ask if you have ever been arrested.
  5. Landlords may not want to rent an apartment to you.
  6. Banks may be reluctant to loan you money.
  7. Your vacation can be ruined! Going through customs can be delayed several hours if your arrest shows up on your record.
  8. Do you want to become a U.S. Citizen? You may have difficulty with immigration and naturalization if you have an arrest record.
  9. Country Clubs may deny your membership.
  10. Some states and agencies make it difficult to adopt a child.
  11. You may experience difficulty obtaining a firearm.
  12. Schools and volunteer agencies may not let you volunteer.

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